Unique ice creams from a unique ice bar!

IngredientsRolling Ice is a responsible, creative and playful company. We chose the Thai-style to prepare ice cream rolls on a frozen plate because we want to bring some color and exoticism to the streets of Finland. We offer feel good treats!

We think the feel good treat consists from three different elements:

  1. Healthy and low processed ingredients with a transparent and fair production. To ensure this we prefer organic & local foods.
  2. Fresh handmade ice cream made with joy and passion as our quality assurance. The Ice cream base is made out of organic oats, organic cashew, organic raw cane sugar, glucose syrup and soy lecithin(free of GMO).
  3. The last element of a good feeling treat is enjoyment. Eyes enjoy the aestetic, the being enjoys a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, and of course the mouth and whole body delights in wonderful flavors. When one genuinely enjoys life, one also wants the best for everyone else!

The well-being of us all is also closely linked to the well-being of the environment. We are constantly striving to reduce the ecological footprint of our company and our products. We want to give up the outdated Win-Loose game and be part of creating a Win-Win-Win world!

With these principles the Rolling Ice -kiosk has been created, aiming to cheer up the street scene and bring some fresh and exotic delicacy that can be enjoyed with a good conscience!

RobinThe founder of Rolling Ice

Hey, I'm Robin. I’m a 25-year-old guy from Pornainen! I want to promote a more ethical and environmental friendly way of life from a grassroot level. I have been a vegan for about five years and noticed how little good and nutritious vegan street food is available. The idea ripened in my mind for a long time; -I could start to prepare something delicious and healthy, which would taste good also to the non-vegans. I think that the taste experience is very much influenced by what we eat, how it is made and how it affects our body. It is important to know what we eat for the wholesome enjoyment.

The Team behind Rolling Ice

There is a strong team behind the passionate enterpeneur of course. Although Robin is clearly the one who is dedicated to this project and bears the greatest responsibility for the company, it has become a shared hobby for the whole family and a few friends. Working together is just great fun! :) There is so much more knowledge and skill in a group of people than in one single individual. Nobody is good at everything and yet everyone is good at certain something. In the end, everyone's touch is visible, making the project unique.

Story 3 NewMy sister Juliane and my mother Christel have created a unique and fairytale look for our wagon with precise brush strokes and patience. Juliane has also been visioning and designing the project from the beginning, and later on working on the branding. My father, Michael, is not only a database of building work, but has also greatly helped in the electrification of the wagon and the construction of the water system. My friend Sara has been a hard-working recipe developer, bringing many inspiring tastes to the menu. Lamin, a family friend was a helping hand in many stages, such as painting and building the kitchen. And Petri who's sadly missing from the picture created us this awesome logo!!

Numerous other friends have also helped and brought their own personal spice to enrich the whole. A big warm thanks to all of you!